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Sweet, funny, a hardworker, loving, kind and a good friend to anyone he meets. He will make you laugh and then say "what? What I say? What I do?" He's a very funny boy!


Sweet, calm, friendly, kind and loving. He will do whatever he can to make you happy, and strives to be a the best person he can.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lunch at the "Dam" Lodge
Last weekend we spent the day at Flaming Gorge Lodge. It's a fun family friendly place to hang out. We went on a "Dam" tour, ate at the "Dam" lodge, and walked around the "Dam" forest. It was mega fun.
The boys stole the camera and took pictures of all the mounted animals at the lodge. So for your viewing enjoyment here they are.

Homemade Bread
My goal this year is to master bread making. In the past two weeks I have made 4 loaves of Honey whole wheat, 2 loaves of Amish white, 2 loaves of Mormon white, and 8 loves of Honey molasses wheat. And until just recently I have been doing it mostly by hand. Saturday Grant surprised me with the a new KitchenAide Mixer. My old one only allowed me to mix one loaf of bread at a time, so if I wanted more I had to do it by hand. My new mixer allows me to mix up to 4 loaves at at a time. Today I made 4 more loaves of the Honey Molasses Wheat bread. It was sooooo easy, and it didn't take any time at all. Grant came home for lunch to the smell of warm homemade bread. I was very proud.

How do you spell Lizz?
Ok, I know what you are thinking. But it is actually a pretty funny story. You see my adorable little nephew Braden is in pre-school and they are teaching him how to spell. If you ask him how to spell Ryan he says D-A-D, and Marissa is M-O-M and so on. I thought it was so cute. I asked him over and over to spell different things for me. When I asked him to spell my name he was stumped. I didn't want to be left out so I taught him how to spell my name. It took me about fifteen minutes, but he finally got it. So now when you ask him to spell Lizz he says... A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
That's my boy!
I am good at brainwashing my nieces and nephews. Just ask Emma, whenever someone says "Aunt Lizz is so...." she will complete the sentence by yelling at the top of her lungs, GORGEOUS!!!
I love my nieces and nephews. They make me laugh and I love having fun with them.

Friday, April 10, 2009

A wise man once said...
Jayce is notorious for saying and doing funny things. The other night Jayce did both as he wandered down stairs after being asleep for a couple of hours. As I talked to him he seemed to be in kind of a daze. Then I realized he was sleep walking. So I followed him around as he filled a mug with ice water, open and closed the fridge, checked out the laundry room, turned the lights on and off a couple of times, open and closed the toilet lid, checked the roll of toilet paper, and then turned the water faucet on and then off again. After watching him aimlessly wander through the house I finally decided to wake him up and get him back to bed. When I woke him up he was very confused. I asked him what he was doing. In all his wisdom (and confusion) he said..." I was asleep until I got up!" And there you have it.
coming soon!!!!!!