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Sweet, funny, a hardworker, loving, kind and a good friend to anyone he meets. He will make you laugh and then say "what? What I say? What I do?" He's a very funny boy!


Sweet, calm, friendly, kind and loving. He will do whatever he can to make you happy, and strives to be a the best person he can.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Alek and a Migraine

My poor Alek has always had a problem with migraines.  They hit him hard and they hit him fast.  The poor kid doesn't stand a chance.  Once a headache starts, Alek almost immediately starts throwing up.  This morning when Alek woke up he mentioned that he didn't feel good and that his head hurt a little.  Of course I thought he was just trying to stay home from school.  You would think after years of this happening I would recognoze the signs. But I never do, and just like always I sent him to school, and, just like always, I got a call from the school before first hour was over that Alek had thrown up and he needed me to come pick me up.  I felt terrible! 
When I picked him up, I told him I was sorry that he wasn't feeling well.  He told me when he was on the bus he closed his eyes hoping that the headache would go away.  It didn't go away before he got to school.  So when he got to his locker he put his head inside and said a little prayer that he would be able to make it through the day.  He told me that he didn't know why his prayer wasn't answered.  I explained to him that only Heavenly Father knows what is best for us, and even though we may not get the answer we are hoping for we need to trust that He knows what we need.  He just looked at me and said, "hmm, Heavenly Father must have known I needed to spend a day with my mom."  I love that kid!!! 
It was fun to have him home even though he was sick.  I enjoyed being able to take care of him. 
Alek is a sweetheart and I love him so very much!!  I am glad he is feeling better, but sad that he won't be home tomorrow with me.  I will never get used to my boys not being home with me.  I cherish every moment that they are home, even if they are sick!