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Sweet, funny, a hardworker, loving, kind and a good friend to anyone he meets. He will make you laugh and then say "what? What I say? What I do?" He's a very funny boy!


Sweet, calm, friendly, kind and loving. He will do whatever he can to make you happy, and strives to be a the best person he can.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Kids say the funniest things...

The kids I watch are hilarious. They say the funniest things. Here are just a few things they have said this week.
Monday Keira was scratching her foot. I said "Keira, what are you doing? She said "I have foot fleas".
Tuesday I was talking to Keira about going potty in the toilet. When we were done I said "Keira, where do go poop?". She said "HAWAII!!!!"
Wednesday we has dinosaur fruit snacks for lunch. One of the kids said "look I have triadactyl" to that another child said " nuh-uh, it's A stegadyl"
Thursday Jackson and I were taking care of the chickens. I asked Jackson if he had a pet. To which he replied "no, we forget to feed them. We shouldn't be the Menea's (his last name), we should be the forgetfuls."
And today (Friday) Jackson and Bronson were copying what the other one was saying. Jackson said "hey, stop copying me!" Bronson replied "I'm not copying you, I am just saying everything you say."
This folks is why I love watching kids!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Weak in the knee...

Last Sunday I had a lot of pain in my knee.  This isn't anything new for me.  My knees generate pain often.  I am used to it.  At first I just ignored it.  As the day went on the pain became very intense and almost dropped me to the ground every time I put my weight on my right side.    I was hoping that I had slept on it funny, bumped it, or twisted it funny, and that as the week went on the pain would go away, and my knee would just heal itself.  So far that has not been the case.  I don't know what I did, or how I did it, but somehow, someway I have screwed up my knee AGAIN!!!  This is a problem for me.  #1, because I am terrified of doctors, #2 I have already had multiple surgeries and really not in the mood to do it again, #3, I don't like needles, and surgery requires a few of them, #4, I don't trust the hospital out here.  ( I am sorry to all my friends that work at the hospital, it's not you I don't trust!!!)  #5, seriously!!!!! How many surgeries does it take?  and #6, I am to tired for this!  :) 
Like I said I have had multiple surgeries in both knees. I am just not ready to do it again.  Don't get me wrong, the end result is fabulous, but everything in between just sucks!!!  It seems like everytime I have had knee troubles it just comes on.  There isn't any kind of traumatic injury that has caused the damage (at least not that I can remember)   And every time it's something different, something the doctor couldn't have predicted. and something that always makes the doctor scratch his head (I don't meant to be difficult, it just comes so naturally).  This time it's the same story, but I am worried that it is slightly worse than any of the other times.  In the past the pain has been, for the most part, bearable.  This time, not so much! 
Bad knees run in the family, and I guess the hereditary fairy didn't notice the EXEMPT tag on me when I was made, Yay!!! 
I was just really hoping that I was done with knee problems!  Guess not!
I am sorry to complain about this on my blog. It's really not an interesting topic.  I use my blog as a journal, and really  needed an outlet to get this off my mind.  I am nervous, and hoping to avoid the inevitable!  I don't have time for surgery, I hate the swelling that comes with it, I hate the bruising, the crutches, I hate it all.  I just really don't want to do it!  Maybe I will have a small miracle.  Stranger things have happened.  Right?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Blood, sweat, and a toga...

The end of the 2nd quarter was last Friday.  Phew!  This quarter has been a whirlwind and a half.  The quarter started out just like any other, but by mid-term it was a different story.  Alek had two c's and Jayce had three.  Luckily we got them up in a hurry and were able to maintain the 4.0 status until THREE days before the end of the quarter.  THREE DAYS!!!  Alek forgot to hand in an assignment in science that brought his grade back down to a C and Jayce's gym teacher screwed up on his mile run time and wouldn't give him any credit even though he had done exactly what she said. Now I know what your thinking.  You are thinking ya right the teacher screwed up.  But I am a witness to the crime. I had gone to the school to help Jayce and give him some moral support, I witnessed the whole event.  Basically what happened is Jayce had to beat his 1st mile run time, which he did, but when he handed his time sheet in the teacher said, "this isn't his 1st mile run score, this is his 2nd (which was slightly worse than the first).  Jayce told her that was the number she wrote down.  She refused to listen to him and accused him of lying.  That's when I got involved.  I explained to her what had happened and she simply said, "well I'm the teacher, and he didn't pass off his mile run, so he will either need to run it again, or take the C."   Ahhhh....
So after a few tears, and a long time for mom to calm down, we devised a plan.  We hydrated him really good, gave him a GREAT dinner, bought him a stop watch, made THE BEST breakfast ever, bribed him with dinner, and a movie with friends, and most importantly Grant gave him a blessing,  The next day I was on pins and needles.  FINALLY Jayce called me after 3rd period to tell me he beat his score by 1 min and 38 sec.  SWEET!!!  Now Jayce has an A in gym and is out of that class.  What a relief, except now Alek has her,  Great, here we go again!
Now back to Alek's C in science.  I saved this for last because it makes me laugh everytime I think of it.  Alek begged and pleaded with his teacher to let him hand in his missing assignment.  She wouldn't budge, but she made him a deal.  Since they had been studying Greek mythology if he would wear a toga to school ALL day she would give him extra credit.  Of course Alek sprung this little tid bit of information on me the morning that he was supposed to do it.  But we got it done, and he wore the sweetest blue toga this side of the mississipps to school.  He was so proud of it!  He wore it clear until dinner time.  We were proud of him and he got the extra credit points.  Unfortunately it wasn't enough to get him an A, but he did get a B+.  He was a little bummed because he has A's in all his other classes, but it was a lessoned he needed to learn.  Hopefully he won't "forget" to hand in his assignments ever again!
Now we are on to third quarter tomorrow, and hoping for smooth sailing.  Wish us luck!!!
To all my V-Town friends.  If your kids get Ms. Jensen for gym, here is a little bit of advice, tell your child to run as slow as they can the first time.  Trust me on this!!!!